More Ideas and Stuff…

There is a community of cloistered nuns that live within tiny cabins deep in the Ozark hills.  They spend most of their days in prayer and adoration in an effort to help atone for the sins of the world. There are some that believe that it is through their continual acts of reparation and the reparitive acts of others like them throughout the world that staves off the second coming. The premise of the story is: what if something happens that occludes their ability to perpetuate their daily atonement? Basically, local weirdness would ensue, so forth and so on. Rampant discourteous behavior? Yes. Unmitigated murderous anger? For sure. The dead rising from their graves in glorious gooeyness? Definitely.

If I can only get the four other stories I’m working on finished, I’ll be all set to work on this one…


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