Sunday Afternoon Shameless Plug


For a limited time, Footprints at the Crossroads is available for free with Kindle Unlimited! Check it out here if you feel so inclined. *End of shameless plug*


2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Shameless Plug

    1. Sorry this took so long. My wife borrowed the laptop…actually it’s hers but whatever. Anyway, the book contains content taken directly from my blog. Included are the following poems: Star; Untitled (not helpful, i know); Qliphoth; Seven Rivers; Creation’s Fury; Stone Washed; Dad; Trees; Sunset; Tree (singular); Dawn; Gomchen; Grandfather’s Mantle Clock; and Winter. The following short stories: March 12, 1968; Turned; and A Walk to the Mercantile. In retrospect, I wish I would have waited to put a book together. Gathered some more content and did some of that editing stuff the kids are all talking about but, what can I say, I got caught up with it. Hope this helps!

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