Outside of my door
and across the rolling fields
there is
a man

What scintillating rage,
cultured fury,
abandoned black grace
compels one to
quiet a nascent spark?

Her eyes,
now still.

Her gaze,
now black.

Her forward going,
now stopped.

The whisper of the wind
her advocate.
The stars,
her witness.

Pallid justice,
a meager comfort.

4 thoughts on “Seraphic

  1. Seraphic…
    Not the title I wou touchscreen chosen, but the fact that you did is what made this something I have dismissed and come back to four times today.
    Only an other-wordy “seraphic” spirit could be so objective as to consider the motive behind this heinous type of murder, as if forgiveness for such brokenness might potentially be in order…
    If “cultured fury” is to blame, then no single individual can be held accountable for the annihilation of the human soul.
    It speaks of a truth that makes my blood run cold.

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    1. Thank you for those thoughts. I had the same deliberation with the title which you very eloquently highlighted. Seraphic felt out of place…but still, in some way, said something that felt necessary to say.

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