I owe you a sunrise.

That morning,
the frost
crept across the dark tendril of road.
Cracked stone shattered and popped.

The sour bite of spent tire
spilled and rolled into the
field, crisp with blue shadows
thrown by a nascent glow.

Destiny and

A surreal fear
congealed across my heart.



Your glance, risen
Cast up towards my gaze.
An amber flame

Your soul
drawn from furtive streams
cold and forgotten
amongst rippled earth

Your countenance
carved by the sun,
the well of your soul
poured from the moon’s castings

A passing vision.

Desired Tragedy

A saccharin longing
for a tragic end.

Upended and trampled
like a reckless desire
for holy reckonings.

Breath, cascading
towards a howling violet.
Cap not your simmering
a muted fire of bashful abandon.

Unleash your glorious vehemence
upon a deserted cause.
Triggers and clicks.
Cross and dagger.
Bone and shriek.

Mindful of muted awe.
A clamoring, oily black
tipped over upon a misplaced youth.

Herald of a quiet age
tapping your shoulder.

Mechanized Schematic

Dawn the Emperor’s power,
break loose the royal blood.

Habitual longing united
with thunderous rancor,
speedily abated
by a creosote sweat.

Slake and quench
a luminous Moon’s
sanguine gullet.

Our portion
meted out
by a ravenous clan.

Hold fast, weary traveler,
and rip off your portion.