Desired Tragedy

A saccharin longing
for a tragic end.

Upended and trampled
like a reckless desire
for holy reckonings.

Breath, cascading
towards a howling violet.
Cap not your simmering
a muted fire of bashful abandon.

Unleash your glorious vehemence
upon a deserted cause.
Triggers and clicks.
Cross and dagger.
Bone and shriek.

Mindful of muted awe.
A clamoring, oily black
tipped over upon a misplaced youth.

Herald of a quiet age
tapping your shoulder.

Mechanized Schematic

Dawn the Emperor’s power,
break loose the royal blood.

Habitual longing united
with thunderous rancor,
speedily abated
by a creosote sweat.

Slake and quench
a luminous Moon’s
sanguine gullet.

Our portion
meted out
by a ravenous clan.

Hold fast, weary traveler,
and rip off your portion.


I have taken on a part time job. It’s not out of necessity, for which I am extremely thankful, but because taking it on is: one; related to the current field I am in and, two; will help me to be better at my primary job, so it’s basically a win-win plus I earn some extra bank.

Anyway, the point is, I most likely will not be visiting all my usual blogging homies as regularly as I used to which is pretty lame because I really look forward to seeing what everyone creates. The take-away is it’s nothing personal. Cheers!

The Stars, Our Kindred

The stars, our kindred,
their tendrilled flames,
our gasping breath,
will close together as
a lover’s kiss.

Embraced by molten dust,
a showered oblivion
welcomes the entropic gaze
of a reticent abeyance.

Forego the clamoring maw,
you Ancient Soul,
and toss your head upwards
towards the shimmering din.
Forego Gaea’s mossy grasp,
and cradle your paramour’s longing.

The Smoke Rolls Low

The smoke rolls low
and I am a pilgrim
adrift on a foreign sea

How lovely the day
that drew us together
You, the steely expanse
and, I, the forlorn speck

A longing, ne’er reconciled
So, I craft a smoldering flame,
a faint spectacle,
a charred imitation
of a sun long occluded

The tendrils roil,
like a gallant charge,
across your salty abyss
and You and I,
for but one small, lonely moment,
are One.