Holy Fu**ing S*** I Sold a Book

I’ve eliminated the usual suspects–family, friends, etc–which means an honest to goodness stranger purchased a copy of my book. Once upon a time, I painted and I remember the first painting I sold–that familiar feeling from many years ago…

It may be the only copy of this book that sells and that’s OK because, quite frankly, this is about 100% better than I thought it would do. Thank you to whomever it was.

For any who may be interested, a paperback or Kindle copy of Footprints at the Crossroads may be found by clicking here.


New Paperback Now Available


I have thoroughly consumed the self-publishing kool-aid and I’m now offering a paperback version of my Footprints book. It’s available on Amazon by clicking here. I guess technically it’s not vanity publishing since the process is free, but still. Feel free to take a look.

p.s. For some reason an absurdly large picture of my gravatar image appears in the reader feed despite me not even inserting it into the post. It should be a picture of the book cover. For those who had to endure my mug, I apologize wholeheartedly.

New Book Available


So I ventured into the realm of self-publishing via KDP. The experience was easy. Within a two hours the book was available in the Kindle store.

I have to admit, I kind of have mixed feelings about the whole thing. On one hand, it is somewhat gratifying to have this “book” come to fruition and know that it is now available to thousands of folks; but, on the other hand, now I feel compelled to be one of those people who ends up promoting yet another self-published [insert adjective(s) here] book. Honestly, I feel kind of cheap and dirty…and not in a good way. Well, kind of in a good way.

Anyway, it’s mainly a collection of poems and stories found scattered about this blog. If you are so inclined, it can be purchased here: Footprints for the amazingly low price of $1.00!!! Act now, because prices this low cannot last!!! Seriously though, it’s going to stay a $1.00 forever.