A Tree as a Man


I watch you,
as your days pass
with a deliberate creeping,
thick as treacle.

The brindle blush
of Autumn’s dawn,
glazed with hoary frost,
ruddy and thick,
alights upon your yielding spires.

Trembling consequence
settles upon your sylvan brow,
rattled and furrowed with the passing age.
Cast away your legacy
in knurled woody drops,
as thick as stars.



Crushed moments
underneath a canvas of gilded light.
Weep for a cerulean moment spent,
lost in youth.

Creep hotly the span of age
amongst a churn of youth
trodden by a naked peal.

Lift up languished heads,
a cloud of stars awaits!

Breath softly in whispered gait,
mumbled choir of Heaven’s charge,
leave behind ruddy paws and mangled