Whispering Muses…or Ideas and Stuff

Story ideas:

As I understand it, there is a several hundred acre area just west of where I live in which recently freed slaves were given or sold some land (not sure which) in order to scratch out a living. Well, the land was, at best, marginally arable and the community quickly dissolved. Many years later the acreage was converted into a conservation area and now only hunters and hikers use the land. There are occasional relics from the community scattered about if you know where to look…a stone foundation, rusted farm implements, clusters of day-lilies and other types of vegetation that have no place in the wilderness. I suspect there are several stories here. People toiled, bled, loved and died there although not much more than a handful of footnotes and scarce articles testify to any of this. I suspect not more than a handful of people in the surrounding communities realize that the community existed. Right now, I have nothing more than a jumping off point. If I can find any more information about the community, I suspect the story will pretty much write itself. If anyone knows anything about the people who lived in the Three Creeks Conservation Area, please let me know. I would be very grateful for anything you would be willing to share.

Another idea that has started to take shape concerns a just hired surgeon in the late 1800s who makes the journey from the east coast to a central Missouri university town in order to secure a position as the faculty head of the surgeon’s college. When he arrives, he discovers that the house he will be residing in sits atop a network of limestone caverns that harbors a hallucinogenic fungus that slowly affects him and his family’s behavior. Kind of a Lovecraft meets Stephen King kind of story.

There are other ideas rattling around but my wife says I have to stop now and eat the quiche she just made–speaking of hallucinogenic fungus.