The Adventure of Igdryll the Drunken Gnome (Intermission and uncogent diatribe sprinkled with lack of focus)


I am taking a break from posting more of Igdryll’s drunken shenanigans for a while as I’ve run out of copy and must trudge, once more, into the great unknown. I’ve revamped much of what was posted on this blog (it was barely a second draft) and added several more chapters. I think the wordcount is a little over 11,000 now with a target of around the typical 40k to 50k novel range.

Why am I telling you all of this? No idea. Probably I’m tired of working and reworking the story and need a diversion.

Continuing, I am intrigued by reading about the writing process but lousy when it comes to writing about the writing process. I read a lot about the writing process which may or may not be evidenced in any of my work. I’m intrigued especially by all of those tips floating around about how to get motivated as a writer. Tips for managing time, eliminating distractions, how to defeat writer’s block, and so forth and so on. I read or heard once, I can’t remember, about a writer who would set an alarm clock for “X” number of hours and when the alarm went off, BAM, he was done, oftentimes walking away mid-sentence. That’s some serious discipline. Other writers hole up in an office, isolated from the world, and hammer out whatever number of chapters they set as a goal for themselves for that day. Others can’t turn it off and work in a feverish, meal-missing, no-sleep-getting orgy of word vomit as if some great muse came down from the heavens and threatened to shove a sharp stick up the author’s bum if they dare stop. Regardless, it boils down to plain old work, I suppose. Writing, re-writing, putting the work away and letting it simmer, then coming back and re-writing again. No magic formula, I guess, which I find depressing because I want the magic experience, the sit-bolt-upright-in-the-middle-of-the-night-magic that changes paradigms. Instead, it’s often a tedious sludge, cold-soup eating, full steam ahead.

Signing off. Good night.